The participation of athletes in high school lacrosse has skyrocketed
in the last few years. Since 1991, boys' participation has grown over 110% and girls' participation has grown over 120%.

Lacrosse a critical differentiator to get into the right college
Many parents are looking at lacrosse as a critical differentiator in supporting their son’s or daughter’s ability to get into the right college. With over 610 colleges and universities fielding approximately 24,000 athletes, their instinct is right.

With the wide range of recruiting timetables between DI, DII, and DIII schools; differences in scholarship and financial aid options; and wide differences in academic criteria, it is not surprising that most parents are very confused and in need of real help.

We believe the time is right for a professional recruiting consulting service to help prepare student athletes to use their lacrosse skills to get into the right college. Up to now, there have only been highlight video and athletic resume web sites.

Professional Recruiting Consulting Service
We don’t believe these capabilities address the true need of families. In this fast paced and challenging environment, a comprehensive program is required.

Parents have witnessed how quickly the DI recruiting process has unfolded in the last few years. Three of the top men’s lacrosse schools are almost finished recruiting by mid-October of the boys’ junior year and many parents are very nervous that they are missing the boat.

Parents looking for the edge
Other parents are looking for any edge they can get to help with admissions to the top schools. The Ivy League, The Patriot League, The Centennial League and NESCAC have become more competitive than ever. And in DIII, where there are no scholarships, a great lacrosse athlete could be in an excellent position to attend an academic “stretch school.” These are just a few reasons why we believe there is a big need for a hands-on consulting service.

How do you as a parent, get your arms around the requirements for success? How do you navigate admissions, financial aid, and gain the visibility and attention of college coaches? The answer is start early and use our hands-on, professional consulting support.


Professional, Hands-on, Consulting Firm

Gold Medal Lacrosse Recruiting is a professional, hands-on, consulting firm designed to give high school student-athletes a significant advantage in the NCAA college lacrosse recruiting process.

Deep Understanding of Academic and Athletic Requirements
They have a deep understanding of the academic and athletic requirements for the successful placement of student athletes in all levels of NCAA lacrosse programs. As a team, they have the personal relationships and personal credibility based on their prior interactions to have gained the confidence of nearly all of the DI, DII, and DIII NCAA college coaches.

Custom Program
A number of popular web sites allow you to post an athletic resume and highlight video and inform you what you need to do to get recruited. The Gold Medal team approach is completely different. John will work directly with you and interact with college coaches directly on your behalf. This team works with you and your son or daughter to determine academic and athletic interests. They then create a custom program that is executed over a one to a three-year period to maximize your chances of achieving your objectives.

College Coach Outreach Program
This team will put together a multi-year program around skill development, club team participation, summer camp participation, tournament participation and academic requirements. Between sophomore and junior summers, they will begin our college coach outreach program. The outreach effort will be supported by a formal two-way communication program. Finally, they will provide decision assistance around college academic requirements, lacrosse program and coaching styles and potential playing time. John wants all of the families they to make these decisions with all of the required important information to make the right choice.

There is no other program available that combines this degree of lacrosse coaching experience, personal relationships with college coaches, and personal service.