Assessment Deliverables
On Field 1:1 Workout

Lacrosse Athletic Assessment

  Review Completed Assessment Forms
  Preliminary Skills Development   Recommendation
  Preliminary Club Team Recommendation
  Preliminary summer Camp/ Tournament   Recommendation

Academic Status Assessment
  Review Completed Assessment Forms
  Preliminary GPA Range Assessment
  Preliminary Standardized Test Targets

College Selection Criteria Discussion
  Athletic Objectives
  Academic Objectives


College Consulting
Engagement Deliverables

Lacrosse Athletic Assessment
  On-Going Skills Development   Recommendations
  On-Going Club Team Recommendations
  On-Going Summer Camp/Tournament   Recommendations

Academic Assessment
On-Going GPA Targets
  On-Going Standardized Test
  Targets/Timing of Testing
  Academic Index (AI) Targets
  (Ivy League, Patriot   League, etc.)
  SAT II Targets

College Coach Communication Program
Summer Camp/Tournament Selections

College Coach Personal Outreach Program
(Junior/Senior Year)

4-6 Agreed Colleges

Decision Assistance
Academic Ranking of schools
  Competitiveness of Lacrosse Program
  Style of Play
  Playing Time
  Financial Aid

Referral Assistance
Highlight Videos
  SAT Preparation
  Private Lessons