John Nostrant has sent hundreds of young men onto the best colleges in the country to play lacrosse. Not only is he a great coach, he is also one of the most trusted high school coaches out there. John will never send a young man to a place where he will not be successful. The right college choice can make a young lacrosse player extremely happy and fulfilled, while a bad choice will make his decision unbearable. John has always led his players in the right direction through honesty, integrity, and caring for the young men he coaches. He is liked and respected greatly by college lacrosse coaches, and they know that when John sends a player their way, he will succeed in the classroom and on the field.

Coach William Tierney
University of Denver

John Nostrant—for whom I played as a professional—will provide the ultimate in guidance. Beyond his knowledge of the game, and his countless contacts in the collegiate coaching realm, Nostrant understands the recruiting “game” better than anyone. Nostrant has coached at one of the top prep programs in the country; he’s placed student athletes at numerous top ten colleges. As far as opportunities and advantages go, this one is unbeatable.

Matt Striebel
Chicago Machine MLL
Philadelphia Barrage: MLL MVP
Philadelphia Barrage: 3 Time MLL Champions
Princeton: NCAA Division 1 Mens Lacrosse Champions
Princeton: 3 Time Division 1 College All American

John Nostrant will help high school athletes find the right college. John is one of the most reliable high school coaches out there when it comes to recommending student-athletes to college coaches. High school coaches are in a precarious position because they need to do what's best for their players, but they also need to maintain the trust of the college recruiters. John maintains this balance extremely well.

Michael Murphy
Head Coach Penn Men's Lacrosse

The landscape of today’s college lacrosse recruiting process continues to change at a rapid pace. The growth of the game has made the recruiting process more complicated for players, parents, and college coaches. Having the opportunity to consult experienced professionals for guidance during this recruiting process would be a tremendous advantage for all involved.

John Nostrant is one of the most respected names in the “Game of Lacrosse." His experience as an outstanding player and successful coach is well documented. However, it is his knowledge of the college recruiting process and the guidance he can provide to families that will be of great value to anyone searching for the right college and the right college lacrosse program for their son.

Terry Corcoran
Elizabethtown College Head Lacrosse Coach
Two Time Division III Coach of the Year
Former USA World Team Coach

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