Our consulting program will prove invaluable to college coaches. We start early, working with families on target college academic requirements in both standardized tests and GPAs. We guide families on what is required to stay on track. There will be no surprises on college visits about academic fit.

College coaches will be confident in our athletic assessment as well, because our professional reputation is on the line. We will have seen an athlete’s entire “body of work” over 2 to 3 years not just 2-3 days at a camp or from the shorelines of a regatta.
There will be real-time open and direct communication channels to assess continually the level of interest on both sides.
Finally, we can help coaches with late bloomers, students who pick up the sport later in high school or are pure novices.  We will train and teach these athletes and put them in position to be recruited.  Rowing is one of the only NCAA sports where an athlete can excel with little to no experience.

In short, we make college a coach’s job easier.